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Red Curry at Jutamas Cures Cold Weather
Is there a better time of year than Christmas? Arguably so, perhaps, but it’s a season that defines much of what we hope ourselves to be. Kind, generous and thoughtful are the sentiments we’ve all come to expect, and even in our materialism we find ways to give away coats and meals, love and affecti...
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One GrateFull Soul

I sat in front of a plate of life today at GrateFull Soul, one of Downtown’s newest restaurants. It’s a meat and two (or three, or four) veggie lunch spot just off the corner of Town Square Park, and it’s bringing new life into a side of downtown that’s continuing the charge of growth.

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The Untraditional Tradition of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an endearing time for most of us, and as the weather snaps cold we begin to reminisce about the family and friends we’ve shared turkey with over the course of our lives. Memories flood in, and we begin to anticipate the fast-approaching holiday season.

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